Natural Family

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In more recent times I’ve been kind of reluctant to give my opinion on controversial and trendy topics that maybe a few years ago I’ll probably scream and punched at everybody, but now something happened that made me stay like far away from any kind of discussion or even raise my voice.  Still trying to figure it out why.

I’ve always considered myself as a very open-minded kind of person that most of the times my way of seeing the world, the situations, and the society put me in a social reclusion when my opinion comes to light, you know, the freak, the weirdo, the strange one and at some point I struggled a lot with bullies and the mainstream social groups that surround me, but I got to a point where I embraced it and enjoyed being the weirdo and in some rare occasions I “Got Lucky” if you know what I mean.

So time passed and here I am thinking again like an outsider. I see what is happening to the world and how people stand up for what they think is right and most of the times I agree with them and their social fights like social equality, no discrimination for gender, race, belief, appearance, violence against humanity and the world, and tons of other stuff that through pass of time we as a society has come to realize that these are facts that we need to accept and embrace them, they exist and their integration in our persona would benefit the progression of a better society, but…,there’s always a but, there’s something that happened in my country of origin that really got hyped most of the society and took over most of the media and social networks, and like I said I tried my best to keep my opinion on the side and just be an spectator most of the time so I don’t get into unnecessary discussions with stubborn people but this subject in particular I’ve always looked at it as something normal and I just don’t get how people can’t understand it, don’t get me wrong, I think that it’s important to stand up and raise your voice and demand what is right when it’s being taken from you, most importantly when It’s a human and civil right.

The problem is that a part of the society got upset because the government passed a law that mainly  is going to allow nationwide the capacity to have homo-parental marriages and adoption. This is good, amazing, it is wonderful and it’s necessary in order to create a more inclusive and equalitarian society. We need it.

Like I said before, for me the whole gender issue and accepting people for what they are has always being normal, maybe it’s because growing up as a stranger in a society that has a fucked up notion to make fun of different people and diminish them including gay and lesbian people, and let’s not talk about transgender because I don’t think they can even realise that, I've always felt normal  being around different people and for me more diverse the better.

In recent days with the law I mentioned before, the society started fighting for the right of what they called “The Natural Family” and that would be a family composed of a Father, Mother, and Children all of them Straight according to what the Bible and Nature dictates. Bullshit if you ask me, but part of living in a society is to accept the differences and find a common ground to live together and become better.

With that into consideration obviously there where a protest on the streets, Facebook got all excited, people against, people in favour, people telling crap to each other and most of all, people trying to convince the other side that they were wrong and they were right.

I can get the point of both sides and I can tell you that I’m in favour of the right for people to choose whomever they want to form a family and to enjoy all the benefits of the law to live fully integrated within the society and I’m against people trying to take off those rights. I do not have any problem at all if you think different from me but don’t come demanding to remove civil and human rights to people that are just like you and me, don’t come to me creating violence for thinking different and much less don't put the society and its evolution into risk for your way of thinking.

We can think different, but we can never put at risk the well-being of others by imposing what we think is the right thing even if we are the majority. We as a society and individuals need to learn how to identify all the ways of behaving and thinking that are toxic and pollute the social environment creating violence against each other, discriminating, being disrespectful, intolerant, and attitudes that just for the sake of personal power will stump into the wellbeing of others.

But with this situation in particular the first thing that shocked me the most is that we as a humanity, as a civilization, community and as individuals are way too far from achieving a tolerant and inclusive society based on respect, intelligence and vision, we lack of that, from third world countries all the way to the top, so yeah, we are still in diapers, all of us.

We demand a better place to live and we discriminate our neighbour, we ask for human rights and we take them away to those who are different, we pray for the world at peace but we attack what we don’t know, we want a better place for our children but we teach them that they can’t be whatever they want, we want people to respect us but we insult them for being different, we want equality but we feel superior of those we don’t understand, we want, we want we want, we want. We are fucked up.

Yes, people think different and always is gonna be like that, and there’s a fucked up necessity of making people think and act like we do. In more recent days I’ve being thinking of that, why we are so eager for people to think like we do? just as if the whole purpose of our existence was to think the same, and there’s a thin line of exposing your point of view and your opinion and another thing is to impose your way of thinking. It’s not like you shouldn’t care when people just turn around and don’t listen to you, it’s the violent act of imposing and force you to think that or any other way. That freaks me out.

We as a society need to figure out what kind of attitudes deserves our utmost attention and which ones don’t, differentiate wich points of view are just different but we can live as a functional society and progress and what attitudes and ways of thinking damage the society by slowing down our own progression as individuals and as a community that should embrace diversity of opinions in a functional and prosperous way.

I’m not going to get into philosophical aspects of the whole concept of “Natural Family”, that's for each one to decide, but for now what I can say is that any opinion that by its own nature will diminish, discriminates, alienate, or attacks someone, I will not respect it and foremost I will not want to live or being part of a society that still accept toxic ways of thinking and it’s our own responsibility to just remove the power that we give to those individuals by just not let them to have power upon us and on our decisions and on our way of living and soon enough an aggressive and intolerant attitude will become powerless and will become harmless and soon forgotten.

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