Ranking the Final Fantasy Series

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Memories I think are an important aspect of our lives, without them, we will only have a “day-to-day” life with no learning process or even progress. We need our memories to work like fuel for our mind and heart.

In my experience, memories work as a reminder of who am I, how I was, and most important, who I want to become. One aspect I love about remembering things is when some feeling is attached to certain memory like in an object, an activity, some type of artistic manifestation, or even playing a video game.

It happens to me way too often, sometimes I’m listening to some music, or I smell something cooking, and I remember a certain thing from my past that brings me, in most cases, a good memory. Within all the memories there’s one thing that’ll always bring me up and it´s re-playing video games from the Final Fantasy Saga.

Because of all the stories, the characters, and the conflicts, proudly I can say that they are part of my life, I’ve invested many, many hours and enjoyed all the things attached to them, from friendships, relationships, entertainment, motivation, and life projects to name a few. When something is attached to your life to that degree, in this case, Final Fantasy games, they become part of who you are, you project and identify yourself with  the characters, the story, the music, the fans, and tons and tons of stuff that a franchise like this can bring to someone’s life.

Recently I’ve been a little bit nostalgic replaying FF titles leading me to find communities online in these modern days. I remember back in the day I was involved in Forums and chat rooms of Final Fantasy Fans, theorizing, discussing, criticizing, and sharing, but as times passes and technology changes, I found Video blogs, and I started to hear and see people as crazy and excited as me: I started putting faces to other geeks around the world, especially because where I lived there weren´t that many gamers with the same love and fandomness, so finding people who share your level of excitement when you are wondering what could be amazing to include in a Remake, gave me a sense of belonging, and that´s something I found amazing, to feel that you are part of a community, especially in the geek world. (Proud Geek/Nerd)

Within all the videos, blogs, and forums,  and listening to a lot of people, I found one that not only they talk about the FF saga, but also about JPRG in general (that stands for Japanese Role Playing Game….my fav kind) in such a way that you can sense the proximity and familiarity with their opinions and it makes you come back week after week to hear these guys talking about their favorite games that most of the times are also mines. I’m referring to a YouTube channel called Phoenix Edge run by two guys that if you are a fan of JRPG’s as I am, you’ll definitely feel the familiarity of the gamer type.

They do an amazing job with their comments, reviews, and opinions because it´s like if you were hearing some friends talking and discussing stuff you like and you want to comment and share with this gamers. In one recent episode (this one) they ranked the Final Fantasy Titles from all the, let´s say, the main sequence from 1 to 15, listening to all their reasons and why they think one FF was number 1 or which one was number 7 really put me nostalgic and at the same time remind me why I love this saga and why I like or dislike some FF’s. That motivated me to write this small entry, and I have to thank them to get me back on track updating this Blog. Thanks, guys!!

The motivation to come up here and have some coffee and write some words it´s because I do want to share also my ranking and in some other post I’ll talk to you about how the Final Fantasy saga influenced my life and how it´s a really great and joyful part of my life that works as an inspiration.

So let´s get busy with this ranking and (drum roll)…

#1: Final Fantasy VII
#2: Final Fantasy IX
#3: Final Fantasy XII
#4: Final Fantasy VIII
#5: Final Fantasy X
#6: Final Fantasy VI
#7: Final Fantasy IV
#8: Final Fantasy XV
#9: Final Fantasy III
#10: Final Fantasy XIII
#11: Final Fantasy II
#12: Final Fantasy I
#13: Final Fantasy V
#14: Final Fantasy XIV
#15: Final Fantasy XI

So this is my ranking without explaining why or why not, because, c’mon, each one has de capability to be one single post, and I’ll definitely make a review, but for now I hope this will give you a sense on what line I roll with the type of FF’s I like, and as a side note, I left the Multiplayer’s last because I’m not very fond of online games, so I’ve never touched them.

This is my ranking and Final Fantasy will always be a part of my life and I'm happy to be part of this world community of gamers.

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