About this Mind

Some say every mind is a different world, I say: - Every mind is a different UNIVERSE.
That´s a tough one...describe my mind?...well I still don't think that I can describe it or define it, It's a task that can take your whole life and while doing it you might live it.

I can say that I'm a human with a very imaginative mind, huge and demanding imagination that has a great sense of curiosity and thirst for stuff that amazes...I don´t know if you can get something of it but I think that If I describe myself with a few words then you will have a limited idea of who might I be, so better yet through this adventure across time and space I invite you to join me and answer that question by yourself.

For starters you already know one thing, I like my coffee black with two sugars.

Welcome to my Mind.


PS. If you want to drop a word, say hi or just write me about your day send me an email to leonbojalil@gmail.com and let´s bring the letter writing back again.