Who am I

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Some say every mind is a different world, I say: - Every mind is a different UNIVERSE.
Trough time and space I've always been asked about myself, about who am I,  very often I came up with an answer that "fits" the proper situation. So far  I´ve been human, son, brother, friend, partner, enemy, designer, bureaucrat, writer, illustrator, immigrant, outsider, weirdo, freak, nerd, pretentious, asshole, douche bag, friend, partner in life and I can keep on and on and on and the list might look endless. 

Who am I is a question that probably takes my whole life to answer and perhaps the final definition would be wrong. We are full of colors, shades, and gradients, what we are to someone might be totally different for another. Each thought, desire, dream, fear and feeling dictates the way we go trough life and how we keep evolving while trying to understand who we are. Some of us get lost in the way, other ones decide to just stay at some point in their life and there are few that choose to open their minds and let their dreams fly and be part of them, to live at the edge of their curiosity trying to understand the world around them.

When we realize that there is more to us and we are part of a bigger scheme in an everlasting mechanism of continuous evolution is the moment when all the diversity of thoughts, opinions, mechanics and feelings becomes a possibility for our own personal growth.

I'm not the same person I was yesterday or even 1 year ago and even less 10 years ago, I see myself as an improved version with each moment that I get to live. I don´t deny what I was, what I did or what I said and I certainly don´t want to live in fear of regretting something, the only thing I know for sure is that who am I today will be better tomorrow.

I want to enjoy and experience myself with the world that surrounds me, with the people that get into my life at one moment or another and always, always be at the edge of my curiosity letting my mind explode when I learn something new or be with awe when I experience something that gives me such pleasure that I want to share it with the world.

So, who am I?

I've found that if you want to know somebody you need to notice two things: first, the people that surround that "someone" because those are the mirrors where ourselves reflects, the people around us is a reflection of who we are and quite often it gives us a very general idea of how a person could be, the people that orbit our minds are the same who choose that we orbit theirs.

The second thing to notice is their dreams and desires, there is nothing more pure and honest. It doesn't matter if you consider it Good or Bad, let´s remember that those things are human concepts both of them subjective and ever changing, but the meaning of one's desires and dreams and what we want to accomplish are eternal and true.

So basically if you're reading this, well... then you're in this virtual environment that I will use to translate my mind into words, images and maybe more and in doing so I hope that maybe, just maybe you could answer the question for me....Who am I?...

I invite you to experience this journey with me, let's find what lurks in the Universe of my Mind and let it collide with yours, so let´s start with the basic stuff and that would be: 
-Hi. I'm Leo, nice to meet you. I like my coffee black with two sugars.

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