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So far in my life I’ve passed for three big depression periods I remember very well, I don´t know if I got depressed at 3 or 4 years old, but so far I can relate only to those moments in my life where depression hit me so hard feeling like my lowest point, but then you realise there are even lowers states of existence.

Being depress sometimes can pass unnoticed because it´s not something that usually comes with a physical manifestation or something that people can see or notice, so basically you are wandering with your own sadness cloud feeling miserable and all the unique stuff every depressed person has to deal with, each one different and important. One of those moments was in my early twenties, not even a quarter of a century and darkness hit me.

In order to better understand some of the stuff of this post I have to state one fact thas has been present in my whole life: I question everything that comes in front of me that don´t make sense to me, either it´s an idea, a fact or a person. I question whatever I want to learn more about it and understand it and this happened with religion. My spiritual and religious path it´s always in constant questioning for better understanding and comprehension of my surroundings and the Universe as a whole, within my human limitations of course.

Having clarified the previous, I was in a big depression moment of my life without a defined spiritual path of my own and searching something to complete me, something that could make sense to this world and what was happening at that moment. One of the paths I found at that time started to make sense, I questioned it and I still questioned today, is the Fae Path from the Nordic European folklore.

I’ve aways been very fond of the whole fantasy and mythology manifestations around the world, Americans, Europeans, Asians, African, Oceanian or from outside this world, fantasy has this kind of gravitational pull to my mind and soul, when I feel down day dreaming with other worlds it helps me to keep going one day at a time. As a daydreamer with a necessity to fly away from this world, I found a spiritual path with Faes at exactly the same time when I received on of those great mixtapes from my uncle, I got one with the name Adiemus written in it. My uncle didn't tell me anything about it, he just handed it to me and told me to listen to it.

Oh my Gods of Ancients Times! My world changed and some light appeared in front of my eyes. Beautiful choral melodies imbued with a perfect orchestral music in a deep and profound sound that inmediattly took me to the ancient land of the Druids, green pastures so far as the eyes could see, the smell of sweet magical potions, the comfort of a small fire burning while eating some magnificent nature delights, it was a magical and fantastical world popping up in my head with such strength and power that the darkness that surrounded me stepped away for a brief moment and I could see the blue sky with the rays of sun coming through the clouds lighting my world.

By that moment I've already had some experience with New Age Music, mostly the most representative and commercial like Enya, Era, and by my own personal foundings the beautiful Lorena Mckenitt, but this Adiemus was something from another world, it has this unique sound so strong that bounces in your soul like a beating heart. The gorgeous choral voices wich accompanied the music are just perfect, they deliver the right amount of livelihood anyone can need in a moment of darkness.

Adiemus also contains some more real and dark melodies representing the way I felt at that moment of depression, it was something like, if someone was there just by my side trying to comfort me, it was not sadness but comprehension and motivation, like telling me that I could do everything, encouraging me to get out of that hole I was and reminding me the only way to find my path was walking trough life. The Bagpipes, the flutes, the drums, the voices, all of them telling me that I could do it, there is something else out there and it´s up to me to find it.

Gradually Adiemus nested in my skin like a benign symbiote feeding my spiritual medulla, and like it usually happens when I found a musical project that blows my mind I started looking for some more. By that moment (early 2000's) the information started to be more accessible to people due to the increasing openness of the internet, you needed to do some hard research but still, you could find a lot knowing where to look.

I found more music about Adiemus from the genius composer behind it, Karl Jenkins, becoming  a compulsive consumer of his works waiting for each release of his new work, but what really change me was a mixture between Karl Jenkins and an online tool to find music called Audiogalaxy, the most important feature for me was that it was one of the first engines for someone to search a song or a band and the algorithm showed related music and it was awesome, I remember searching for Adiemus and in front of me tons of similar recommendations either by genre, style or country, I was like a musical sponge taking note of all the names, from one I jumped to another, and another. At that point,  I realized two things, first, the power of the internet and second, my love for collecting music.

Adiemus music showed me a bigger and amazing world filled with so much to learn about mysticism, occultism, legends, mythology, history, cosmology, astrology, even got me into some conspiracy theories and so much more. Until that moment I haven´t realized the huge impact that one set of  10 or 12 songs can do to your life and to what extent this influence helped me to slowly get out of the dark hole I was, removing some doubts and motivating to look for something more.

Karl Jenkins and Adiemus opened a bigger and wide door in my spiritual path just by simply making me feel part of something else greater and fantastic, it wasn't like previous times with books or stories, this feeling felt real and it allowed me to open my mind and by doing so I found a path in my way filled with magic, knowledge, mysticism, and above all, hope. It opened my eyes in a very specific way  I needed at that time, and the world of paganism and faeries bumped into my life making some big changes in it leading me to a world of information and knowledge.

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